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Titan Energy, Inc. is a privately owned oil and gas exploration company based in Austin, Texas. The focus of the company’s activities is primarily oil production, although natural gas is many times produced in conjunction with oil and therefore is a valuable resource to exploit as well.

The Company’s basic philosophy and area of drilling concentration is to go into existing or previously producing shallow oil fields and then drill into deeper horizons in search of previously unexploited oil reserves.

Titan Energy’s primary area of drilling activity is the Eastern Shelf of the Midland Basin in Texas, although the company also has production in the Fort Worth Basin in north central Texas, and has been involved in drilling in numerous counties in the north and west Texas areas.

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“Worldwide demand for energy is expected to double within the next 40 years.  The price of oil will most likely start to increase in 2016, and then embark on an upward trend as world supply and demand balance out.  The upside price could be quite high.”

- David Paschal, President, Titan Energy